Here is a list of props that I have created throught the years. Most of these are my designs, but if they started off as someone elses, I have added a link to the designers web site. Most of the props I designed and built have instructions, but if you need more detailed instructions, check out the "Devious Concoctions Haunted Manuel" on the order page. Take a look and have fun creating some of these devious concoctions. (Please be patient since some of these pages are still being constructed)
Candle Stick Here is a way to add alittle fun to your lighting

Cemetery Here are a few pictures of our cemetery.

Coffins Here are a couple of my coffins.

Corpse's Here are a few pictures of a couple of corpses I've been working on.

Crank Ghost Here is my "Flying Crank Ghost"

Donation Box Its well worth a try. You'll be amazed what people will give.

Fog Chiller An easy way to achieve a low flying fog for a pretty low cost.

Fog How to make your own fog.

Funeral Wreath That final touch in your cemetery

Ghost Heads Here are a few pictures of my ghost heads, these were a hit in my '99 cemetery.

Mausoleum Here are a few pictures of my mausoleum

Neck Stump Here are instructions on creating your own gurgling nech stump.

Organist Here are instructions to create your own version of the "Skeletal Organist".

Organ Here are instructions to create your own organ

Pumpkins Here are a few of the pumpkins I've carved in the past couple of years.

Rocking Chair Instructions on creating a self-rocking rocking chair.

Rocking Tombstones Make your tombstones come alive.

Sound a digital voice recorder and sound effects.

Stump Jumper Heres a great way to startle your trick or treaters.

Talking Tombstone A great way to tell your haunts story.

Tombstones Here are a few of my tombstones and a way to spruce them up a bit.

Wall Plaque A pair of wall plagues that work great as an attention getter and a way to dress up your entry way.

Web Cam This web cam will allow you to see our cemetery as well as the crowds reaction.

X 10 An easy way to automate your props.

Pneumatics Heres a page with pneumatic info and pictures on how to use them.

Misc. Props Heres a page of all my other props as well as links to where you can purchase them.

Sponsors Our Sponsors

Tips & Tricks A few tips and techniques I've picked up over the years. (Includes pneumatics)

Awards A couple of awards I've been given.

Videos Videos of our props in action.

Web RingsWeb Rings

Check back regularly for new props and updated pages