• 1 "Talking Douglas Fir" christmas tree
  • 1 Sheet of 2 in thick foam (2 X 4)
  • 1 Sheet of 1 in thick foam (2 X 4)
  • Oil based clay
  • Latex
  • latex sheet (very thin)
  • Gray paint
  • Tape or CD player
  • Tape with your greeting
  • Stone paint
  • Hot glue gun, other Misc. tools.

The first thing you need to do is completly strip off all of the pine needles from the "Douglas Fir", and also take apart the base of the tree, so your left with only the bare bones of the mechanics and the electronics. Now cut the foam into the desired shape, then cut out a hole for the eyes and mouth. Now mount the "douglas fir, so the eyes and mouth pertrude thru the foam and glue it into place. Once the glue is dry, build up the face with foam and clay then paint it with latex. Make a thin piece of latex sheet, by pouring a thin coat onto a cookie sheet and let dry. Now glue the sheet to the bottom lip and to the chin in a natural looking way. Now with the 1in foam cut out strips to build up the sides and add depth and realism to the tombstone. Your now ready to paint. First paint the entire piece with gray paint, and then once dry, spray with rock paint.

Now tape a intro and hook up the tape and power to the aux jack on the douglas fir's electronic's. Now turn it on and your ready to go.

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